Volunteer Spotlight

On this eve before our big Paws in the Park fundraiser we feel it is appropriate to recognize a very special volunteer.

Meet Heather Malone, a dedicated volunteer of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption for the past two years.  She is the Committee Chair of APRA's most important fundraiser Paws in the Park.  In fact, our new adoption center is proof of that success!  Spending an average of 6 hours a day, Heather is tireless in her mission to make this year of Paws in the Park a great success.  It's going to be a free fun family-friendly event that everyone can enjoy whether they come with a four-legged friend or not.

Heather was a part of the PITP committee last year and said the after effects of  the event was an indescribable happiness in seeing it happen.  Walking through our new adoption center gives her renewed inspiration.  We have no doubt this year's committee will knock it out of the park this month!  

Thank you, Heather, for leading such an amazing group of volunteers in what the APRA animals would call a life-changing event.   


Today's featured dogs to help Celebrate Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week are great dogs and we cannot figure out why they haven't been adopted.


Meet Les, a beautiful 3 year old Papillon mix. Les is full of spunk and charm. He loves meeting new people and is a star on the training team. The only thing we can figure out on why this cutie hasn't been scooped up is that he barks at people when he is in the pen. Not the most appealing trait, but take this boy out of his pen and he is a real winner. He knows all sorts of commands; sit, stay and watch. He loves his toys and is learning to focus on his person more and less on the toys. According to Phil, our staff trainer, Les is eager to please, very smart, a great dog and very loving. He would make a wonderful dog for someone who wants a playful boy who will charm them everyday.


Meet Heather, an adorable 1 year old Terrier mix. Heather first arrived from Clayton County animal control as a scared, very shy dog. Animal control can be a very scary place so we understood it would take her some time to adjust. The Heather we first met is nothing like the Heather we know now. She has become an outgoing friendly dog who loves people and is very puppy like. She has lots of bouncy energy and would benefit from someone who can help her with some of that energy. She would love to take a long walk or run around your yard playing with toys. She is pretty "bouncy" here in the pens so we know an active owner would be great for her. Heather is a sweet girl waiting for her very own forever family. Come meet Heather today!


Celebrate Adopt-A-Less-Adoptble-Pet Week

In conjunction with Petfinder's celebration, APRA is also celebrating some of our harder to adopt out pets this week too by featuring them with their own special write up. Some of our harder to adopt animals are young and healthy but for some reason they are just being over looked.

Meet Clarabelle and Clementine. Originally rescued from a hoarder type situation, these girls have come a long way. Skinny, scared and dirty when they arrived....now they are beautiful, outgoing and friendly. In fact we think they are celebrating a kitten hood they never had. These young sisters are extremely bonded so we want to find them a home together.

At just a little over one year old, the girls are the life of the party with all of their silly antics. They love to play, run, rumble and tumble with each other and when it's time for a nap you will find them curled in each other's arms. We refer the them as little mice as their meow is more like a squeak then a MEOW.

Watch them for a few minutes and it is impossible not to laugh. If you want to be constantly entertained with cuteness, these girls may be perfect for you.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we feature two of our dogs!