Show kitties

We just took in three kitties and we must admit, they are absolutely gorgeous! Aside from there obvious good looks, they are true sweethearts.

Rescued at 5 weeks of age when their mom brought them to a kind citizen's garage, these siblings were raised in a home environment and got lots of love!

And it shows......all have been well cared for and are so loving. Zippity, Fluff and Snowy should be available for adoption soon once they they get spayed and neutered. At 5 months of age, these kitties are a perfect age to find their forever home. Zippity is described as the curious adventurous one while his sisters are more calm and laid back.

Leave it to the boy to try to round up some adventures!




We are thankful to the nice guys who cared for them inside their home, instead of leaving them outside to grow up as a feral.


Mid Week Special

Nothing is better on "Hump Day" than to see some cute faces looking back at you.

Today we are featuring an adoptable dog and catl looking for their forever home.

Georgia recently came back to us due to family allergies. She will dazzle you with her gorgeous green eyes and beautiful long coat. If that doesn't do the trick, her sweet meow will definitely capture your attention. Georgia is looking for a home where she can be the Queen of her castle as an only kitty.
Come meet Georgia today and see if she is purrfect for you.


Snow is the "Star" of our training team. She is active and fun-loving and wants to please. She can sit, stay, watch, leave it...the list goes on and on for all of her wonderful qualities. She would be a great candidate for doggy day care since she enjoys playing with other dogs so much. Once you get her energy out, she will chill  and become a nice lap dog for you to enjoy your evening hanging out together. If Snow seems like the girl for you, please come meet her today!



Dynamic Duos

There have always been some famous Dynamic Duos. We all know Batman and Robin, Superman and Lois Lane, Ricky and Lucy, Laverne and Shirley, Tom and Jerry and the list goes on and on.

At APRA we have our own sets of Dynamic Duo's and we think ours are the best around! These kitties are very bonded and hope to find new forever homes together! And everyone knows that 2 kitties are better than 1.

And in some cases, three may be your lucky number. Clarabelle and Clementine could be called the Dynamic triplet girls with their friend Camille. Never before have we seen 3 such bonded kitties. We think Clementine and Clarabelle are sisters and wonder if Camille is their mom. The bond between these girls is undeniable!

Leo and Lulu

Ally and Sam
Clementine and Clarabelle
Sylvester and Sam

Ashley and Sam


Lots of Cuteness

For some reason, these dogs keep being overlooked. With all this cuteness, we CANNOT figure it out!

All of these dogs are included in our "Last Blast of Summer Promotion". Their adoption fee is reduced by $50 and each dog in the promotion gets a free microchip too.




Happy Ending!

We love to hear how are cats and dogs are settling in to their new homes once adopted.

Here is the latest on sweet Minnie and  Mischief, now Mitzi and Lacey!

Our little girls are doing very well, although Mitzi still has a few sniffles.
They have been confined to the kitchen/breakfast area/family room and are ready to explore more of their new home today.  Lacy discovered the corner china cabinet right away so it is wrapped in cellophane!
They like to be where we are when they play and meet us at the door after we've been away from them.  What sweethearts!!!

Thank you for all you do and for keeping in touch.

LOL....the girls sure look happy on the table!


Thank you to the late Judge Anne Workman

We want to express our deep gratitude for the $25,000 bequest made by Judge Workman to Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. This gift will greatly help us to continue our work in rescuing homeless pets, providing them with medical and social care to make them adoptable and to find them appropriate, responsible new owners who will care for them for the rest of their lives.


Last Blast of Summer Promotion!

Celebrate the end of Summer and adopt one of our special APRA promotional pets!
We have chosen all of our active, rambunctious fun loving dogs who hang out together in our “Party Pen” as well as several honorary members. Our honorary dogs and cats were chosen since they have been with us a  bit longer and still in search of their forever home.
All participating dogs and cats will have the Last Blast of Summer promotion on their biography page and their adoption fee is reduced by $50. All dogs in the promotion also get a free microchip. All of our kitties always come with a microchip.