Ringo is a Star!

Ringo is a such an amazing dog we decided to make him famous with his very own cartoon. We are calling him a labradoodle  and from his looks, he probably has something else mixed in as well.

Ringo is a very smart boy and is advancing with his training by learning how to search out food when set up in a puzzle type situation. We are working with K-9 Coach to keep this boy busy using his mind so he doesn't get bored waiting for his forever home.


Thanks to JR Mounts for his beautiful artwork.  Please check out his website! Click onto the cartoon to see it close up!

Come meet Ringo soon and get his framed comic strip to take home.


Kitten Antics Are the Best!

There is nothing like the joy of kittens to put a smile on your face. Take a look at a few of our cuties up for adoption at APRA.



We have lots of kittens and to celebrate June's Adopt a Shelter Cat Month we are featuring them for a special promotion. Everyone know how well kittens do with a buddy. So, we are offering if you adopt one kitten at $125, get a buddy for just $50.

~a special thank you to our cat volunteer Lyndel Gliedman for sharing these videos of our adorable kittens.


These will make you smile!

 We have so many cuties right now and sometimes this amount of cuteness needs no words!

Don't forget our kitten and cat promotion for June: Adopt one kitten and get a buddy for $50. All adult cats are $100.




Ellen and Portia




The Perfect Father's Day Gift!

We all know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for our dads. After all, how many golf shirts and fishing poles can one man need?!

 This father’s day we have the perfect solution……sponsor an APRA dog or cat. When you sponsor, you know you are helping one of our pets while they wait for their forever home. An acknowledgement of thank you will be sent  to your dad, along with a personalized picture and story about the animal you choose.



Click Sponsor a Pet for more information!


Perks of a Wallflower

Danielle, Dudley and Speedy
The month of June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Today's feature is three wonderful new kitties we have at APRA....Speedy, Danielle and Dudley.

I picked these three because to me nothing is better than a shyer cat. To many that sounds weird but there are so many reasons why I am attracted towards shy cats. Part of the allure for me is helping animals that may otherwise be overlooked. Shyer ones may not show well, hang back on adoption days and stay hidden in a cubby hole.

Dudley and Speedy
To me, shyness is not a negative, but a positive. Working with shy kitties is one of the most rewarding things about animal rescue. Once you form the bond with a shy cat, it is one that can never be broken. My personal shyest cat is afraid of all humans except for me....now if that doesn't make me feel special, nothing will!

Speedy, Danielle and Dudley are three shy kitties. They have been with us for 2 weeks. In just two weeks we have seen them change from hiding in the corner to begin their new life as a cat. They previously were rescued from an outdoor colony as kittens but never got a lot of socialization from anyone except their rescuers. They lived their life in an enclosure in the garage so their exposure to real life was limited.

Here at APRA, they are meeting new cats which they like and watching them  have a daily breakthrough is the highlight of my day. A big break through came the other night when I took out a bag of kitty treats. All three came over to me and were so happy. I am now seeing them play with toys, they love to be petted and are making daily progress. Dudley we discovered loves kittens, Danielle loves feather toys and Speedy loves belly rubs.


Speedy, Dani, and Dudley are looking for quiet homes where they can continue their journey in becoming real cats. All have a playful side and a patient owner will reap the rewards of giving them a chance. Danielle and Speedy are quite bonded and it would be amazing to find them a home together.
Give them a chance and I know you won't be disappointed. They are some of the sweetest kitties around!

 Don't forget for the month of June, all cats are just $100!


No Whine, Just Chi's!

This month we are featuring some fine Chi's! For the month of June, if you adopt a Chihuahua the adoption fee is lowered $25 to $250 and all those adopted will get a free microchip.

Our selection includes Anna Grace, Denny, Gabby, Davey, and Ash. They all may be Chih's but all are different. From their diverse looks to their individual personalities, we have a lot to choose from.

If you are interested in a Chih, we are the place to be!

Click on picture to read about each dog.


Give Love & Get Love Be a Volunteer with APRA!

As a volunteer for APRA, you get constant rewards from doggie kisses, kitty purrs, wagging tails and so much unconditional love that it is the best thing in the world.

We are now settled into our much larger adoption center and we need volunteers more than ever. We have hands on opportunities with our dogs and cats, fundraising events, office work, doggie buddies, kitty buddies...the list goes on and on.

If you are interested in learning how to be a volunteer and what opportunities are out there, please click