June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat month at Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. There is nothing better than 2  cuddly kittens and we have lots of cute ones! Adopt one kitten and get a friend for just $50.

Kittens do much better in pairs: it makes them better socialized, better behaved and happier! Read some info on why young cats should be adopted in pairs!

And lets not forget about our adult cats for this special month. Their adoption fee is reduced too from $125 to $100. So if two kittens are too much, our adults may be just perfect for you.


Come out to the Decautur Arts Festival and support APRA!

This weekend is the Decatur Arts Festival. It's a wonderful event with lots of great vendors. Please stop by booth #165 to see the Barking Cat Jewelry by Ann Finley. She is a supporter of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption and is donation $5 of every sale this weekend to  help our dogs and cats!


Two Word Tuesday!


                                                                                          Got Cats?              Got Chihs?


Our new home!

Have you had a chance to see our new shelter?

It is amazing the difference our adoption center has made in the day to day life of our dogs and cats. Not only is there more space, but there is more natural light, bigger yard space, more cat trees, and all of this so helps there temporary stay with us.

Seeing our dogs basking in the sunshine in the afternoon even when they are inside is so refreshing. Their new environment is so great for reduced stress while they wait for their forever home.

Watching our cats climb their new cat trees, enjoying the expanded cat porch, and seeing them in a home-like atmosphere is making them so much happier.

Come visit us and tour our new shelter located at 4874 South Atlanta Road, Smyrna, GA 30080. Our mission is the same...and now we have a better, cleaner and bigger space to accomplish it.


Kitten Season

Kitten season is upon us in full force. This time of year is always bittersweet. Of course, everyone loves kittens....how could you not?

But this time of year also reminds me of all the senseless loss of animals because people don't spay and neuter. Animal controls everywhere are over flowing with adorable cute kittens. It seems people bring them in by the truckload. And I wonder if they think they will all get adopted because they are cute.

Unfortunately there are millions of those cute kittens.

Spay and Neuter is the most important thing we do for our dogs and cats. It is the heart and soul of our mission at Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. Please help us spread the word to people who aren't as connected to the animal world, talk to them, educate them and get them to spay and neuter.

There are many low cost clinic in and around the Atlanta area. We use Lifeline spay neuter clinic for many of our pets, and they are conveniently located in Avondale Estates and College Park.

In the meantime, while you are educating people....take a look at some of our newest adoptable babies! See our website for more kittens and adult cats.....and come visit our newly expanded cat world in our new shelter.

Brad & Angelina



Cindy & Marsha


Is Pudding the cat for you?

Pudding is a unique kitty in many ways....not only with her amazing good looks and soft beautiful fur, but her sweet personality will warm your heart. Pudding has been with us since January and while we cannot resist her cuteness, sometimes on adoption days she likes to just hang out rather than greet her potential new friends.

Recently while in foster care doing our move, she settled in to her temporary home after just a few days. She may seem shy at first but grab a toy and she forgets all about that. She loves to play with toys, does well with cats and dogs and is a gentle sweet soul.

Pudding is looking for a home where someone appreciates her for who she is. Sometimes independent, and sometimes very affectionate. She enjoys wrestling with your hand, toys and being petted. She is most secure when all four feet stay on the ground rather than being held. Pudding would fit well into many households and we think she is worth a visit to see how you like her.

If you think Pudding looks as special as we know she is, come visit her in our new shelter's expanded Cat World.