Support APRA and see the HGTV Green Home

Join APRA at the HGTV Green Home in Serenbe on May 9th and June 19th. If you attend on these days, Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption receives 50% of the proceeds.

Click on picture to see close-up of flyer  and for all details. Seeing this beautiful home is an amazing opportunity. And once the tour is finished, enjoy the afternoon in Serenbe. Eat lunch at the Blue Eyed Daisy, shop in the local stores, and walk around and enjoy this wonderful community.

To sign up for a time and to purchase tickets, click TICKETS.


All dressed up and ready to go!

Princess Iris is ready for the weekend and dressed up in her party clothes. She is all set to find her forever home!



Anthony's happy tale!

Since we are on a roll with happy tales this week, Anthony's story is too good to pass up. Anthony had been with us for several months in the shelter as well as in foster care. He waited a while for the right home but as is often the case....his new home was worth the wait!!

Hello Atlanta Pet Rescue and to our amazing counselor Kris!
Some things are just 'meant to be' and that was the case with Anthony.  Our 5 year old spotted his pic while we were looking online and announced 'that's my dog'.  When we arrived on Saturday to meet Anthony, he was already with someone else who was just about to put the pen to paper and take Anthony home.
We patiently waited as Kris brought several other possibilites for us to meet/play with; but our sons were convinced that Anthony was for them. 
We were preparing to tell our boys that Anthony was meant to have a happy life with someone else, when Kris whispered to us that the other possible adoptive family had passed on Anthony and asked if we'd like to meet him. After interacting with him, we knew that our 5 year old was right - Anthony was 'our dog'.
We brought Anthony home and had an 'all boy' camp out his first night (my husband, Anthony, and my 2 sons); now Anthony is always with one of us-playing fetch, napping, going for walks, taking a car ride or just following us around (when our boys are not carrying him!).  He's super sweet and super smart!
I wanted to thank you for the honest description of him on your website and the feedback from his foster home; it was spot on! We felt as if we knew Anthony before we ever met him.
A special thank you to Kris who allowed our sons to also sign Anthony's adoption papers; both of our sons were adopted and it meant so much to them to 'continue' the gift of adoption by bringing Anthony home.
Best wishes for many more happy adoptions!


Another Happy Ending

One of the greatest rewards of working in animal rescue is reading the "Happy Tales" stories. Especially in a shelter like Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption.

Because we are small and specialized, this gives us the chance to really get to know our animals and match them up with the forever homes best suited for them. We also love the relationships we build from our new adopters.

Here is the latest on Khloe and Howard, two cute kitties recently adopted together!

Khloe and Howard (who I have rechristened Dasha and Tobias) are doing very well! They are both curled up on the couch with me at the moment, purring away. Dasha was pretty skittish for the first week, but I can definitely tell that she's getting more used to being at home and she doesn't hide as much. She's fallen in love with a feathery ball and goes crazy batting it all over the apartment. Tobias is ultra-loving and goofy. After I take my shower he likes to jump in the tub and roll around. It isn't uncommon for me to come home and find them both snoozing on the bed. Can't think of any problems or questions, things are good all around :D



HGTV house in Serenbe- proceeds help APRA

For fans of HGTV, you are aware that the 2012 Dream Green home is being built just outside of Atlanta in a community called Serenbe. This special community is just 30 minutes Southwest of the airport.
Visiting Serenbe is reason enough to leave the hustle and bustle of the city. But this Spring, HGTV is showing off their Dream home.

HGTV Green House

The HGTV house is being shown in May and June and two of those days are devoted to helping out Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. Tours of the home cost just under $20 and we get 50% of the proceeds collected on Wednesday May 9th and Tuesday June 19th.


Please help us spread the word, come down and see the house and plan a fun day in the community of Serenbe. To find out more about Serenbe, click HERE!  After you tour the HGTV house, stick around Serenbe to walk the nature trails, enjoy lunch, shop around in local stores and pet the animals at the farm.

Farm animals
It's a real treat and a day you won't soon forget!


Cuteness for your Friday!

Happy Friday! We thought we could end your week on a positive note with some total shelter cuteness.
Thanks to Leesia Teh for these beautiful photos of our adoptable cats and dogs!

Paddy O'malley







Opposites Attract

Macy and Wyatt met recently after Wyatt's two litter mates got adopted and he needed a new friend. Wyatt is playful, outgoing and loves everyone. Macy is more reserved with new people and is also playful. She depends on an outgoing kitty friend to help her with her confidence.

Because Wyatt is like the energizer bunny and can play for hours, at first glance one would think he would overwhelm Macy. Not only does he not overwhelm her but very often you will see Macy jumping in him, pulling at his neck as if to say, "play with me."

His sleek black coat and her beautiful tabby marking make these two a striking pair. They are a perfect example of "opposites attract" and are looking for a forever home together.

Come meet Macy and Wyatt today if you are looking for a cute pair of kittens!



See Addie and Reuben paint!

After we featured Reuben and Addie on Wordless Wednesday, we decided to try something new with them.....letting them paint. We used non-toxic paint and let the fun begin! These are some artistic puppies.

For the lucky adopter, you not only get a great puppy but you get a "paw-made" special painting.