We cordially invite you NOT to attend our 1st ANNUAL COUCH POTATO GALA. Click on the photos to read our invite close-up. Buy a ticket for just $25 and spend the night of our choice at home with your furry friends. Gowns and Tuxedos are NOT required! You will NOT have to leave your home.

All proceeds from the 1ST ANNUAL COUCH POTATO GALA will go to help our animals and our needs in our new shelter.

Help us spread the word....this is the most relaxed evening you can have knowing you are helping the dogs and cats of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption.

To see a close-up of our invitation, click each photo. To print out form, click this link:

To Donate directly, click HERE.  Please note your donation is for COUCH POTATO BALL.


APRA Moving Sale

Time is getting closer.....we are having a Moving Sale to help us celebrate our last month in our 14th street location. Moving day is May 1st.

Beginning April 1st we are reducing our adoption fees back to $250 for the dogs and $100 for the cats. Save $25 and buy more toys and supplies....we have lots to choose from.

Our pictures are back on the website so check out all the new dogs and cats!

Our new shelter is located at 4874 South Atlanta Road Smyrna, GA. 30080

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Meet the Brady Brunch Gang!

Last week a mom and her daughter came to us with a stray momma cat and her 7 kittens. Luckily we were in a position to be able to help the entire family which rarely happens with so many at one time. Mama, now named Carol, is practically a baby herself at just 10 months old. She also arrived to us with a ruptured eye that needed surgery to remove it.

The next day she had her eye removed as well as her spay. We could tell it was painful as she is so happy now. Carol is a beautiful and sweet soul. Her torbie markings make her a real beauty. Still recovering from her surgeries, Carol will be available for adoption shortly. If you would like to help with the costs of her surgeries, please Donate. Specify your donation is for Carol, the mama kitty.

Check out Carol and her babies: Greg, Peter, Bobbie, Marsha, Jan, Cindy and Alice. We are lucky to have this gorgeous family. The babies still need to get a bit bigger before ready for adoption.

Check them out on Petfinder and our APRA website. Click on the photos for a close-up.


With so much cuteness, who is your favorite?


Friday's Feature!

We apologize for our website issues but wanted to give everyone a dog and cat fix before the weekend!

We have lots of new critters so come see us over the weekend.




                                               Paddy O'Malley


Zinnia and Simone are available for adoption beginning Sunday, March 25th. Everyone else is available Tuesday-Sunday. View all of our pets on Petfinder!


A great story by a former adopter wanting to help raise money for APRA's new building fund!

Back in December, I stopped by the Rescue on a whim, having never owned a dog before but knowing that it was time, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to visit. I remember sitting down with one of your amazing volunteers (unfortunately her name escapes me) and talking through the dog application. I was so nervous I think my voice was shaking.

After telling her who I wanted to sit with, she suggested this rather sad looking black poodle mix in the corner. I reluctantly agreed, and oh, how grateful I am. At the time, Diane – a poodle / cocker spaniel mix, curled up in my lap and slept. There I sat on the concrete floors in my dress pants completely perplexed by this dog that had seemingly ‘chosen’ me. One of the employees at APR informed me that Diane had a Urinary Tract Infection and that she wasn’t available for adoption that day. So obviously, I came back the next day…and the next day, and the next day – 5 days in a row in fact, only to be told that I’d have to continue to wait it out over Christmas.

Finally on December 28th, I arrived at APR at 9 am and sat on the front step, determined to be first in line. At 11 am, I had a beautiful black poodle in my lap licking my face and the rest is history. She is amazing. She is 2 years old and we’ve named her Blitzen – like the reindeer. My whole family adores her. There are no words for the sheer ‘awesomeness’ that this dog has brought into my life.

About a week ago I splurged and got a Kitchenaide mixer. I spent some time researching ideal recipes to ‘christen’ it with, but settled on some dog treats for Blitzen. After finding a few different recipes I settled on one that used whole wheat flour, flax, wheat bran, bacon and Peanut Butter. I made about 3 batches for Blitzen and some of her friends and they were an absolutely hit!

It occurred to me last night, literally, last night – that I could use this as a way to raise money for APR’s move to Smyrna, so I sent a few emails around and put it on my Facebook page and in less than 6 hours I have 29 orders totaling $145.00. My goal is to give APR $500.00, so I’ve got about 70 more orders to go. I’m a one woman-shop with a full time job, so it may take a little time but I’m hoping to have the donation in and all dog biscuits delivered by May 1st, 2012. Since the treats have real bacon in them they are good for 2 weeks in the fridge and up to 6 months in the freezer.

Email  Kelly to place an order.  Each order is just $5.00.
The treats will only be available for a limited time so place your order so she has time to get them delivered by May 1st.


Meet Speckles

Speckles is an adorable Doxie mix with very unique markings. She originally came to us as a rather shy girl, but in a short amount of time, she has really blossomed. She has a buddy volunteer who takes her all around town and we have learned she really loves the city life. She enjoys walks around Va. Highlands, playing with dogs in the park and does quite well in the car.

Sweet Speckles has limited vision in one eye from a former injury, and it doesn't slow her down for a minute. To her, nothing is limited.....her life is great and the only thing missing is her forever home.

Enjoy this video of Speckles playing in the dog park!



Francine Friday

One may think this is a weird posting from the Cat Manager but this is a story of my love for one of our dogs, Francine. Francine is a favorite among both staff and volunteers. While I love all animals, I must admit my connections run deeper for the kitties but as we all know, certain ones just get to you.

Today is bittersweet for me as I tell Francine's story. She has found her forever home up in New Hampshire with the help of our partners at Great Dog Rescue New England.

Originally brought to APRA in November, she had been adopted twice and brought back to us. Once for not being housebroken and once because she cannot live with kitties.

Since coming back to us, she is a favorite with the training team as she is one smart girl. She can jump out of the pen but now she knows if no one is around she puts herself in her special side pen with higher walls. LOL!
One day when she did jump out, her side pen was closed so she just quietly went to sleep outside of her side pen under the bench.

She loves her treats (cheese!), sits and watches on command and to me is just the cutest girl in the world. I am happy she has found a new home but my selfish side will miss her terribly. That face with the one floppy ear has stolen my heart. Have a happy life sweet girl.

perfectly posed waiting for a treat!


Join us at Woof's Sports Bar and Grill

Are you looking for a fun time, something different than your normal weekday routine. We have a guaranteed fun night planned for you.

Join us at Woof's Sports Bar for "Give To The Paw." 

The Order of the Flaming Sugarbakers and Woof's Atlanta Sports Bar are showing their support for Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption on April 5, 2012 from 6 - 9 pm. Come out and show your support and learn about APRA ... the programs, volunteering, pet adoption ... and you are more than welcome to make donations!

 Look forward to seeing you on April 5th at Woof's.
Click for directions.


Artists wanted for Logo contest!

Do you have a love for graphic design and animals? This is your chance to show off your great ideas and skills by entering the Paws in the Park logo contest! APRA is looking for a new Paws in the Park logo and we need your creativity! 

We plan to incorporate your portion of the logo with our current Paws in the Park logo so think about how you can enhance what we have. For a file of our current loge, please email marketing@pawsintheparkatlanta.com

High resolution jpeg submission may be emailed to marketing@pawsintheparkatlanta.com and must be received by 5pm on Monday, April 2nd. Please include the following with your submission: name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. 

The Paws in the Park committee will choose the top 5 logos and then we will let our fans choose which one is the winner. The winner will receive recognition for their design, as well as 2 VIP and walker registration passes to the event. 
Click on this flyer for more information about our contest.


Raising the Woof... we are moving!

We are so excited to officially announce our upcoming move. Construction is underway in our new larger shelter, located at 4874 South Atlanta Rd. Smyrna, GA. 30080.

Our excitement is building as the construction continues and our new shelter becomes a reality! Our new building is approximately 15, 000 sq. feet and Phase One will include building out half of the space. We will have 9 dog pens ( vs. our current number of 3), numerous meet and greet rooms, 2 special puppy pens, larger outdoor spaces and so much more! 

For our cat lovers we are excited about our expanded cat program. We currently just have one cat room and going forward will have 2 adult rooms, a kitten room, teenage room, and 2 transitional rooms!

We have been working on this for many months and along with all of this excitement comes the need to raise money. Please help in any way you can, every dollar counts. If you wish to DONATE, please note under special requests that your money is to go to the new building!

Our goal is to move around May 1st. Stay tuned to our blog, website and Facebook for lots of exciting updates.

**a special thank you to Volunteer Don Page for his wonderful design for our Raising the Woof Logo.


Lonely Hearts, no more!

We are so excited about the success of our Lonely Hearts Club held during the month of February.

As you recall, several long time cats were featured to try to get them their forever homes! Presley, Apple, Alex and Gwen all went to their new homes and all reports have said how happy they are!

Harold is still looking but we just got word from his foster mom that her friend wants to adopt Harold!! (we'll keep our fingers crossed)

Gwen, who just went home on Saturday, was just one week shy of her year anniversary with APRA. Instead she is celebrating with her new home and new person......and it was love at first sight.

Check out the note we received shortly after Gwen arrived home:

Just an update. Gwen has explored her new home and is currently sleeping with me on the couch. I am sooooo glad I had the chance to bring her into my life. I have been taking pics and texting all my friends. She is fantastic. Her little meow us endearing. Here is a pic of her in her new place. This was her first hour. Now she is napping. 

 True love is the best!.....and these are some lucky kitties.