Voted Best Place to Adopt.....

CBS voted APRA as a best place to find your new furry family member.

Thanks to CBS for including us and of course we thank our many supporters, donors, volunteers and adopters for making us what we are.

                    We couldn't do it without you!



Every Monday we also feature a Pet of the Week on CBS morning news. See Patsy this week!


Harold is looking for a home!


Harold is a member of our Lonely Hearts Club for the month of February. So far 2 out of our 4 kitties have been adopted! Presley found her forever home a couple of weeks ago and Apple went home today!!

Harold and Gwen are still looking for true love. This special promotion goes through the end of the month where their adoption fee is $50. Both Harold and Gwen are in a foster home and available for adoption.

Harold and Gwen are both wonderful cats looking for a home where they can be the only cat. That is the only reason they do not live in the shelter.....who can blame them for preferring to live in a "real" home and having all the attention for themselves....

Here is a video of Harold when he was in the shelter. Enjoy his cuteness!


Who wants to meet Charlie?

Come out to Peachtree Battle Antiques & Interiors for another one of their legendary parties on Sunday, February 26th from 12-6pm. This one's designed to break the Winter Doldrums with "Wags, Wine & Hors D'oeuvres." Plus, they will be holding a Silent Auction & Raffle to benefit Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. 

And Charlie's new owner has agreed to have him as a main attraction so his many fans can say hello! Charlie will be visiting among the crowd throughout the day.

They will be raffling $1,000 in store gift certificates (five $100 certificates for the Peachtree Battle shop and five for 14th Street Antiques) to raise money for Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption (APRA). Get one ticket for every $5 donation. Tickets available at the checkout counters at both stores. 

Grab 'em while you can! Winners announced at The Winter Doldrums Party on Sunday, February 26th. You do not have to be present to win.

Silent Auction items are pouring in from the dealers. Let me tell you they're good, really good! Live bidding auction starts at noon Sunday, Feb. 26th at the Winter Doldrums party. Be there to have fun and help support Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption!

Check out Peachtree Battle Antiques on Facebook to see some of the amazing auction items!


Friday's Feature!

This week's two featured adoptables couldn't be any cuter.

Meet Barney, a one year old beautiful Cocker Spaniel and Scooter, a talkative and charming year old brown tabby. Come by and meet them and have a Happy Friday!

Both Scooter and Barney have something in common. They are both very friendly, happy critters and are looking for that special family they can call their own. And if you are looking for a dog-loving kitty, then Scooter is the cat for you!


Doggie Buddy Program

Recently we began our Doggie Buddy Program to help get our dogs out of the shelter for special outings and to help get them adopted. Volunteers take them for a walk in the park, a trip to Petsmart, a visit to Starbucks or wherever you wish to spend the afternoon. Each dog will wear an "adopt me" vest so the public knows they are available!

We have had a huge response to this program. If you are interested in knowing more about it, email our Shelter Manager, Laura. To participate as a doggie buddy, sign up to become an APRA volunteer.

Here is a wonderful account of an experience a volunteer had with shelter favorite, Francine. Francine is up for adoption Tuesday through Sunday.

Hi Laura -

First, I want to thank you for making me APRA's first official Dog Buddy.  I'll do my best to represent.  :) 

It's been a great first week with Francine.  I was so excited to get started, that I couldn't wait until Tuesday to see her.  So, I came in on Monday.  And as you've seen, I've been in every day since because, well, we've been having so. much. fun. 

We've spent our mornings at Tanyard Creek Park, where we walk the trail end-to-end (nearly 2.5 miles).  She is a fantastic walking companion. She would also be a great running partner, too.  She keeps good pace and stays focused on moving forward.  Sometimes she gets a little too excited to keep going and pulls on the leash, but we're working on that.  :)


Love is in the air........

For Buffy and Simba it was love at first sight. Immediately upon entering our cat room, Simba walked over to Buffy and licked her head. Now just a few days later, here there are doing what they do best......true lovebirds!

Simba came to APRA a couple of weeks ago after his family moved and left him behind. Naturally, he was sad and depressed at first, but even then, his sweet disposition was on display. Buffy was at an outlying animal control facility until we rescued her when her time was up. She knew life was looking up when she joined our cat room but in just a matter of days, Buffy and Simba have developed a special bond and both have blossomed.

 They love to play, especially Simba, and then cuddle together for a long nap. They are both gentle and unassuming. They even groom each other like siblings!

You couldn't ask for 2 sweeter felines. Simba and Buffy would love to continue their love affair in a forever home together. Who know, maybe they will find a home together this Valentine's Day!


Friday's Feature!

Friday's feature dog is a sweet Schnauzer Terrier mix named Dawn. Dawn is such a great dog but has a big drawback in a shelter environment. She doesn't show well because she is quiet and a bit overwhelmed. We worry she may be overlooked for the more outgoing dogs we have.

So, we decided to send her to foster care to learn more about her in a home environment. Immediately we learned she is extremely well behaved, housebroken, an amazing companion, and a very easy to care for dog. She doesn't ask for much, perhaps because she wasn't used to much.

She came to us positive for Heartworms so we know she wasn't cared for properly. She has now been treated and is excited to find a new home. If you are looking for an easygoing companion Dawn may be perfect for you. She wants a life as an only dog or ideally with a feline friend. Whenever she is around the cats in our shelter she lights up, wiggles her butt and wags her cute little stubby tail!

Dawn is hard to resist.....come by to meet her and if you give her a chance, you will leave with a true sweetheart!

If you are interested in adopting Dawn and also want a dog friendly kitten....check out Viola (they love each other :-)


Wags, Wine & Hors D'oeuvres

Looking for fun way to spend  a Sunday afternoon..... we have the perfect idea for you!

Come out on Sunday, February 26th from noon-6 pm and help beat the Winter Doldrums (even though its not very wintery!) at Peachtree Battle Antiques & Interiors.

Enjoy a fun party, silent auction, good food and drinks.....all to benefit APRA. We will have a couple of our dogs joining in as well.

If you have never been to Peachtree Battle Antiques & Interiors, it is an amazing shop with beautiful treasures at every turn. The wonderful owners have planned this entire event to help us so please come out to support us. Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!

For more information, address/directions click HERE!

Stop by Atlanta Pet Rescue prior to the event to buy raffle tickets for just $5 for a chance to win $1000 worth of gift certificates to use in the antique store!

**photos of our pets are courtesy of Leesia Teh.
** Harold and Poppy are still seeking their forever homes. Presley and Farrah have been adopted!


Lonely Hearts Club Success!

Two of  our Lonely Hearts Club kitties have found their forever homes.

Presley, our longest cat resident in the shelter, found love on Saturday. A wonderful man came in after reading Presley's story and wanted to help her.  Presley is a beautiful kitty but didn't always want a lot of petting from her people. Luckily for her she found someone who understood her quirky side and gave her the chance she needed.  She is now living her dream as an only cat and after just two days in her new home, she is relaxed and happy!

Mango, featured on an earlier posting, got adopted by his foster mom!

Please take a look at our 3 other kitties featured for February. Maybe you can help HaroldGwen and Apple find love too!



Charlie's BIG day!

Charlie's Adoption Day!!!

                                  A picture is worth a thousand words.


Worth a look or two....

This video is going viral around Facebook.

 Although this is not about APRA and not an APRA dog, this video reflects everything that we do and makes us realize why we are in rescue. In honor of all we do, I thought it was important to share for those who haven't seen it.

And if you have, watch it again, share it over and over again.


This dog so reminds me of so many we see that come through our doors everyday. Neglected, scared, overgrown nails and matted hair. Luckily for this dog, someone saw beyond those qualities and knew that all this dog needed was a hug!

 At APRA, our director Judy Price sees beyond this everyday and sees the potential in so many dogs that the average person wouldn't see as she walks down the aisles of animal control.

Millions of dogs just like this get euthanized every year because no one realized that all they needed was a hug.....and of course a good haircut!!

 Here at APRA.....we are proud and honored that we can see beyond and help thousands of dogs and cats just like this year after year!