The Lonely Hearts Club

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and these three fabulous felines hope to become a member of the "Forever Home Club" rather than the "Lonely Hearts Club."

Harold, Gwen and Presley have two things in common. First they are all long term residents looking for true love. Secondly, they are all amazing kitties and for some reason they are passed up each week for adoption.

For the month of February, we are giving them a special adoption fee of just $50. Of course no price can be put on the love of a kitty but we hope being a part of the Lonely Hearts Club will get them attention and the love they deserve in a forever home!


Mango is one handsome tabby!

Some fun facts about orange tabbies:

*Orange tabby cats often develop black freckles around the nose.

*All orange cats are tabbies, but the markings may be so faint that the color appears solid.
Some famous orange tabby cats: 

*Walt Disney's The Aristocats was first released in 1970. Duchess, voiced by Eva Gabor, was an elegant cat from Paris who is kidnapped. She meets Thomas O'Malley, voiced by Phil Harris, who helps her return to Paris.

*Garfield is a comic strip created by Jim Davis, featuring the cat Garfield, the pet dog Odie, and their socially inept owner Jon Arbuckle. As of 2006, it is syndicated in roughly 2,570 newspapers and journals and it currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the world's most widely syndicated comic strip. 

Meet Mango:

He may not be famous, but we love him just the same. Mango is an adorable orange tabby boy looking for his forever home. He lives in foster care since he isn't a big fan of lots of barking dogs. He much rather snuggle up with his cat friends at home, sleep in bed with his foster mom and enjoy the quieter home life rather than shelter life. We don't blame him but because he is not at the shelter, he tends to get overlooked.

Mango is available by appointment or he can come to the shelter for you to meet. He loves his foster home, but it is now his time for a forever home. What a beautiful boy! We know you can't resist his amber eyes!


Hey, it's me Louie!

Louie was a shelter favorite among staff and volunteers. We realized what a great dog he was but for some reason, he wasn't getting noticed by our adopters.

We are lucky to have formed a great relationship with Great Dog Rescue of New England  and many of our harder to adopt animals get transported up North where there is actually a shortage of available dogs. Spaying and Neutering is so effective that overpopulation isn't the same problem as we experience in the South,

After many months with us and still no forever home, Louie traveled to find an immediate family waiting for him up North. He is living a great life in his new forever home. Louie even has a new wardrobe!


Adorable Adoptables

Everyone knows that APRA always has super cute dogs and cats. But did you know that the majority of our pets come from animal control facilities? When you adopt from us, it enables us to save another life!

                                                      Snow White


Our girl Layla!

Layla is a real trooper.....adopted once and in her new home she broke her leg and came back to us. Does that get her down....absolutely not! This happy go lucky dog is amazing, even during her 6-8 week stint of cage rest.

She has had her leg re-set a couple of times since even in a cage Layla seems to be active!

Pictured here with Beth, one of our volunteers, Layla is so proud of her Sesame Street cover on her splint, how cute is she!

Check out her bio to read all about Layla and her progress.


Ridiculously Cute!

When this 2 month old puppy was recently turned over to us by her owner she was very skinny and just too small for our shelter. Donna Little, a volunteer foster mom asked if she could take her...

...after a few days she is doing well.

This puppy would agree that "Kitty LOVE" is the best!

Spread the Love

Spread the love this year on Valentines Day by supporting our fundraiser held at YEAH! Burger in Virginia Highlands. Come eat lunch or dinner or even a mid-day snack. APRA will receive 10% of sales from the entire day.
Share the day with your special sweetheart, a good friend or family member and help raise money for the best furry friends in the world.....our dogs and cats at APRA!   
Help us spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and sharing with  your friends.
Vegetarians welcome, YEAH! Burger has great veggie burgers too.


What am I?

Am I a monkey? Am I a Lemur? Am I a Koala Bear? Am I a dog?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

Meet Muffin! The cutest dog/monkey/koala in the world.


No, we're not Charlie but we are still cute!

Question: What is cuter than a box with one kitten?

Answer: Five adorable kittens in a box. Come meet these beauties, available Saturday January 14th.

Meet Daisy, Duke, Zuzu, Zola and Socks!

UPDATE: All 5 kittens have now found their forever homes!


It's Charlie- Look at me now!

Say hello to Charlie. Many of you already know his story but in case you don't......

Charlie came to us several months ago with a very severe skin infection, no hair and terribly emaciated. He was one of the worst cases of neglect we had seen. In fact, at one point his infection got so bad it went to his blood stream. We almost lost him.

Luckily for Charlie, he is a real fighter and he fought hard. Very few have met Charlie since he has mostly been in foster care but that hasn't stopped his legion of fans.

Look at him now! WOW!

He is getting closer to being ready for adoption. Please stay tuned for our website updates and for when he is available for adoption.


I'm Available!

Brighten up your Tuesday by coming to meet me today! Not trying to brag but I am super cute and pretty irresistible. The first part of my life was tough and spent in a cage so thanks to the kindness of Atlanta Pet Rescue  I am now ready for a real home and family.

Read more about Jarvis.

UPDATE: Jarvis was already adopted this morning just after this post went live!


Kids of all ages love APRA!

We are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful supporters. It seems especially endearing when our supporters are young and work so hard for our dogs and cats.

Over the holidays, Chris Hanes, an 11th grader at the Chattahoochee High School emailed and wanted to help out. He is the Beta Club Officer in his school and he had a plan to organize a Toy and Towel Drive for us. After getting it approved he was proud to announce the drive got underway.

Flyer made by Chris

 Last week, he followed up and told us his school had collected 131 items for us. The donations ranged from towels to fleece blankets and lots of wonderful toys and beds. We cannot thank Chris enough for all his efforts.

Eight year old Livie Hogan came to our shelter on Saturday with a whole lot of goodies for our dogs and cats. When asked about it she said. "I've been saving money since I was little because I love animals." She saved her money and bought dog and cat food, beds toys and treats to help the animals of APR. This little girl made our hearts sing. Such passion for animals and so focused on helping us was a real treat for anyone who met her this past weekend. Thank you Livie for all you donated and thanks for being such a special young girl!



Brutus says, Chill out everyone, Happy Friday to all our friends! Come meet  me tomorrow from 12-5 for adoption. Click on photo for Brutus' closeup.

UPDATE: Brutus was adopted today! Congratulations to his lucky family.


Welcome to our new Blog!

Welcome to our new blog highlighting everything about Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. 

View our shelter happenings like you have never seen them before. See an insiders's look at our wonderful dogs and cats looking for a new home. See daily life in our shelter. Meet our volunteers. See what we do to enhance the lives of the animals in our care.

 Stay tuned as we get started. We are excited for you to join us!