Volunteer Spotlight

On this eve before our big Paws in the Park fundraiser we feel it is appropriate to recognize a very special volunteer.

Meet Heather Malone, a dedicated volunteer of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption for the past two years.  She is the Committee Chair of APRA's most important fundraiser Paws in the Park.  In fact, our new adoption center is proof of that success!  Spending an average of 6 hours a day, Heather is tireless in her mission to make this year of Paws in the Park a great success.  It's going to be a free fun family-friendly event that everyone can enjoy whether they come with a four-legged friend or not.

Heather was a part of the PITP committee last year and said the after effects of  the event was an indescribable happiness in seeing it happen.  Walking through our new adoption center gives her renewed inspiration.  We have no doubt this year's committee will knock it out of the park this month!  

Thank you, Heather, for leading such an amazing group of volunteers in what the APRA animals would call a life-changing event.   

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