Today's featured dogs to help Celebrate Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week are great dogs and we cannot figure out why they haven't been adopted.


Meet Les, a beautiful 3 year old Papillon mix. Les is full of spunk and charm. He loves meeting new people and is a star on the training team. The only thing we can figure out on why this cutie hasn't been scooped up is that he barks at people when he is in the pen. Not the most appealing trait, but take this boy out of his pen and he is a real winner. He knows all sorts of commands; sit, stay and watch. He loves his toys and is learning to focus on his person more and less on the toys. According to Phil, our staff trainer, Les is eager to please, very smart, a great dog and very loving. He would make a wonderful dog for someone who wants a playful boy who will charm them everyday.


Meet Heather, an adorable 1 year old Terrier mix. Heather first arrived from Clayton County animal control as a scared, very shy dog. Animal control can be a very scary place so we understood it would take her some time to adjust. The Heather we first met is nothing like the Heather we know now. She has become an outgoing friendly dog who loves people and is very puppy like. She has lots of bouncy energy and would benefit from someone who can help her with some of that energy. She would love to take a long walk or run around your yard playing with toys. She is pretty "bouncy" here in the pens so we know an active owner would be great for her. Heather is a sweet girl waiting for her very own forever family. Come meet Heather today!

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  1. I hope these dogs find their forever home soon. I adopted a dog that had 'issues' and everyone passed her up. Turns out she is very well adjusted and 7lbs of pure love.