Ringo is a Star!

Ringo is a such an amazing dog we decided to make him famous with his very own cartoon. We are calling him a labradoodle  and from his looks, he probably has something else mixed in as well.

Ringo is a very smart boy and is advancing with his training by learning how to search out food when set up in a puzzle type situation. We are working with K-9 Coach to keep this boy busy using his mind so he doesn't get bored waiting for his forever home.


Thanks to JR Mounts for his beautiful artwork.  Please check out his website! Click onto the cartoon to see it close up!

Come meet Ringo soon and get his framed comic strip to take home.


  1. Wow, intelligent and handsome!! What a great doggie.

    Love, Cupcake

  2. That is an adorable dog. He looks nice.