Perks of a Wallflower

Danielle, Dudley and Speedy
The month of June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Today's feature is three wonderful new kitties we have at APRA....Speedy, Danielle and Dudley.

I picked these three because to me nothing is better than a shyer cat. To many that sounds weird but there are so many reasons why I am attracted towards shy cats. Part of the allure for me is helping animals that may otherwise be overlooked. Shyer ones may not show well, hang back on adoption days and stay hidden in a cubby hole.

Dudley and Speedy
To me, shyness is not a negative, but a positive. Working with shy kitties is one of the most rewarding things about animal rescue. Once you form the bond with a shy cat, it is one that can never be broken. My personal shyest cat is afraid of all humans except for me....now if that doesn't make me feel special, nothing will!

Speedy, Danielle and Dudley are three shy kitties. They have been with us for 2 weeks. In just two weeks we have seen them change from hiding in the corner to begin their new life as a cat. They previously were rescued from an outdoor colony as kittens but never got a lot of socialization from anyone except their rescuers. They lived their life in an enclosure in the garage so their exposure to real life was limited.

Here at APRA, they are meeting new cats which they like and watching them  have a daily breakthrough is the highlight of my day. A big break through came the other night when I took out a bag of kitty treats. All three came over to me and were so happy. I am now seeing them play with toys, they love to be petted and are making daily progress. Dudley we discovered loves kittens, Danielle loves feather toys and Speedy loves belly rubs.


Speedy, Dani, and Dudley are looking for quiet homes where they can continue their journey in becoming real cats. All have a playful side and a patient owner will reap the rewards of giving them a chance. Danielle and Speedy are quite bonded and it would be amazing to find them a home together.
Give them a chance and I know you won't be disappointed. They are some of the sweetest kitties around!

 Don't forget for the month of June, all cats are just $100!


  1. I agree 100%. There was a total feral cat near my house and I put out food everyday. After a few months, he let me pet him. Then he started coming in the house. He became so loving. There were times that he was laying on my lap and I would laugh remembering when I couldn't get near him. I also made sure to take him to the vet and get his shots and neuter him. And he still loved me!
    These three are beautiful and I hope they find homes soon.

  2. They get better and better each day. It's now been two weeks and tonight they all came out to play, get belly rubs and had a great time. Shy cats are the best....whomever takes a chance on these three will be very lucky!

  3. Awww I see Miss Leona on the other side of that door. She's so beautiful and sweet! Love her!

  4. Leona was in the lobby area sitting with me while I am on my computer. She also loves our screen in porch!