Lonely Hearts, no more!

We are so excited about the success of our Lonely Hearts Club held during the month of February.

As you recall, several long time cats were featured to try to get them their forever homes! Presley, Apple, Alex and Gwen all went to their new homes and all reports have said how happy they are!

Harold is still looking but we just got word from his foster mom that her friend wants to adopt Harold!! (we'll keep our fingers crossed)

Gwen, who just went home on Saturday, was just one week shy of her year anniversary with APRA. Instead she is celebrating with her new home and new person......and it was love at first sight.

Check out the note we received shortly after Gwen arrived home:

Just an update. Gwen has explored her new home and is currently sleeping with me on the couch. I am sooooo glad I had the chance to bring her into my life. I have been taking pics and texting all my friends. She is fantastic. Her little meow us endearing. Here is a pic of her in her new place. This was her first hour. Now she is napping. 

 True love is the best!.....and these are some lucky kitties.


  1. This story is the BEST! True love comes to those who wait & now it is Harold's turn...

  2. We agree! Harold is so amazing and his time will come. His new owner, when the time comes is going to be a lucky person!