Francine Friday

One may think this is a weird posting from the Cat Manager but this is a story of my love for one of our dogs, Francine. Francine is a favorite among both staff and volunteers. While I love all animals, I must admit my connections run deeper for the kitties but as we all know, certain ones just get to you.

Today is bittersweet for me as I tell Francine's story. She has found her forever home up in New Hampshire with the help of our partners at Great Dog Rescue New England.

Originally brought to APRA in November, she had been adopted twice and brought back to us. Once for not being housebroken and once because she cannot live with kitties.

Since coming back to us, she is a favorite with the training team as she is one smart girl. She can jump out of the pen but now she knows if no one is around she puts herself in her special side pen with higher walls. LOL!
One day when she did jump out, her side pen was closed so she just quietly went to sleep outside of her side pen under the bench.

She loves her treats (cheese!), sits and watches on command and to me is just the cutest girl in the world. I am happy she has found a new home but my selfish side will miss her terribly. That face with the one floppy ear has stolen my heart. Have a happy life sweet girl.

perfectly posed waiting for a treat!


  1. Francine IS a special dog. I, too, will miss her. Hope she will have a great home in New Hampshire.

  2. Oh Francine, I can just picture you romping in the snow in New Hampshire next Winter -- you will love it -- Yankees love it when a Southern girl moves into town -- we will miss your happy face and beautiful personality!

  3. Your New Hampshire family is so lucky to have the honor of you being their forever friend & companion. I, too, will miss your gorgeous face. Here's to you & your new happy home! -Aleksandra